Piece by Piece

In the beginning you gave me the puzzle pieces of You, piece by piece. Your day, your jokes, your story.

Piece by piece.

You shared with me your heart, layer by layer. Your dreams, your hopes, your secrets. Layer by layer.

You managed to break down my walls, brick by brick. My insecurities, my fears, my doubts. Brick by brick.

You maneuvered yourself into my heart, corner by corner. Your wit, your depth, your kindness. Corner by corner.

We put together a trip to see each other again, plan by plan. Time off requests, rental car, long drive. Plan by plan.

Time ticks away, 

second by second.

minute by minute.

hour by hour.

day by day.

week by week.

month by month. 

We survived the separation and cherish the time we have, moment by moment. Quiet talks, private prayers, shared smiles. Moment by beautiful moment. 

The days add up in happiness, smile by smile. The laughs, the food, the experiences. Smile by smile. 

The end approaches and a bad taste in my mouth appears, swallow by swallow. Long goodbyes, tight hugs, and last looks. Swallow by swallow.

The loneliness is back and my eyes start overflowing, tear by tear. Empty room, quiet house, heavy eyelids. Tear by tear.

I hop into bed and my heart starts breaking, piece by piece. Distance, stupid distance. 

Piece by piece by piece. 



8 thoughts on “Piece by Piece

  1. Atomic Words says:

    Reblogged this on Atomic Words. and commented:
    I love meeting people in LDR (Long distanc relationship) its one o those things you never think you’d do or be able to do or even want to do till you find yourself counting miles and time difference lol.
    Rhanda Panda is someone you want to get to know through her writings so do yourself a favour and stop by.

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