10 Reasons Why Screenshotting is a Way of Life


1. I can be petty. Let me just get that out there. But sometimes people will try you and your pettiness has nothing to do with it. I have been guilty of screenshotting stupidity and ridiculousness (in a heartbeat) and sending it to my fiancΓ©.

2. My memory is awful. I constantly see things online that are amazing and realize at once I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT; then later forget about it because (guess what) I can indeed live without it. Screenshotting helps me with my denial. 

3. I see so many beautiful ideas on wedding websites and on other blogs, and I definitely intend on stealing some of them.

4. Sometimes my boo sends me the cutest and funniest messages!!

5. People say they will send group pics but never do. Then you see them on Instagram. If you look good, a screenshot is all you have. And if you look hideous, refer to Reason 1.

6. Snapchat stories pass so fast! Wait, what do you mean “that’s the point?”. 

7. Pinterest has wisdom for days, and screenshotting is so much easier than figuring out where the “save image” button ran off to since the last update.

8. Because sometimes people make the funniest faces in homemade music videos, and you just have to – HAVE TO – screenshot it in hopes of laughing at it forever.

9. Passwords are my kryptonite.

10. Coupons never want to load when you are in line and ready to pay for your items. Ever. 

How about you guys? Y’all as screenshot-crazy as I? Let me know below!


    17 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Screenshotting is a Way of Life

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I was really frustrated because I couldn’t find the “screenshot button” on my phone. My younger son is very patient and showed me how easy it is to do one. I think I’ll be a screenshot queen now!

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