“…they won’t even care.”

“After the wedding, no one will even care.”

Believe it or not, this is the nicest and most welcomed consolation I have been given so far  when it comes to wedding planning and the drama that ensues.

Let me tell you, wedding planning isn’t a cake walk. It’s not just about choosing between ivory and eggshell or picking chicken over steak. (As if steak was ever an option. Fun-ny.

Wedding planning is about learning to say no to those closest to you, being emotionally mature enough to recognize that you can’t make everyone happy, and having enough confidence in your vision to reject the unrelenting notions to add this or choose that. 

My family and friends have been such a great support system. I would love to take this moment to say THANK YOU SO MUCH  for being there, for caring (at just the right level), and for making me feel in control of this wedding. I definitely plan on showing you all just how   much I appreciate it.

Many of them know me well enough to know how to be there and not be there at the same time. They know not to push certain things, but to provide ideas and pinterest pins when necessary. Almost all of them have provided such great ideas and advice. 

As for the others who have provided me nothing but drama, insecurities and pressure, I have come to look in expectation to what so many have told me: “Don’t worry, in just a couple of months the wedding will be over and no one will even care.” 

For all of you who have told me that….Thank you. 

Of course I want a beautiful wedding, but I am a simple girl. I am not going to spend thousands of dollars on flowers and food, and do not intend on having debt from a celebration that literally only lasted a few hours. 

My wedding won’t be the event of the season, and that’s okay because it will be the event of my lifetime. 

It relieves me to be reminded that for everyone else this is just a wedding. They’ll go home and say “that was nice” or “the food was too spicy”, and that’s it. They may think of it every once in a while over the years, but that’s it.

What colors I pick, who my florist is, the flavor of the cake, the music we dance to, everything will be in the past. A memory.  That’s not just good, it’s FABULOUS. 

A wedding is a beautiful occasion, a sacred one. Yes, there’s cake, but it’s no cake-walk. 

You guys have any interesting wedding drama stories, or advice on how to deal with it? Share in the comments section.


7 thoughts on ““…they won’t even care.”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    It’s YOUR wedding (both of you) and you’ll be the ones to remember it. So it should be all about the things you want and don’t want. People will enjoy the day and the party but you’ll remember the day as no one else can because it’s your wedding day! You’re SO close to being a Sadie!

  2. shulammitegirl says:

    My mom lost the keys to my dads truck so we were late to my brothers wedding.
    I have a cousin who tried to please his wife who loves to, “Keep up with the Jones,” so he went in debt for the wedding and almost seven years later he is still trying to climb out of debt and they are currently living at her mothers house with several family members and no privacy.
    And I had a cousin of mine who married her high school sweetheart and when they announced the father/daughter dance and played their song, the father didn’t show up. (Her parents were divorced and her twin brothers walked her down the aisle.)
    Her dad was no where to be found and she cried on the dance floor and shrugged and her step father walked up to dance with her followed by her brothers and finally her sister.
    I think that was the saddest moment.

    After February, you’ll be in your own place doing your own thing with your own man.
    What a time to be alive!

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